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Women empowerment on property ownership and decision making in Tanzania

In developing countries women play a role of house custodianship. They are responsible for food and other domestic supplies for their families and they are denied the opportunity to make decision that affect their lives.

The situation in Tanzania is very worse; In decision-making; women are rarely involved, especially in matters concerning inheritance and resources management. In inheritance for instance; while morning for the loose of their beloved ones (husbands) widows are always forced by deceased relatives to sign legal documents to legally disown them family’s properties.  For a long period of time; this barbaric and inhuman behavior has been hindering Tanzanian women’s efforts towards active participation in production and development activities.

To deal with this problem, TAJPI is determined (i) To enhance community awareness of women’s land ownership rights. (ii). To amplify the voice of women and make them increasingly heard by rural and urban duty bearers on their legal and fundamental land ownership rights. (iii).To increase responsiveness of local leaders to women priorities on issues of land ownership rights. (iv) And lastly; increase the number of women in rural areas with land title deeds as evidence of improved women’s access to, and control over land resources in the society

A young couple in Mbulu district, Manyara region. According to Iraqw traditions and customs, a woman has no lineage or religion, so she cannot own property, especially land

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